The Cognitive Interviewing (CI) blended learning package is:

A combination of learning methods and media designed to maximise effectiveness, compliance with CPR-PD57AC and efficiency when lawyers interview witnesses and clients

Getting consistency across all jurisdictions can be difficult – not now – wherever your people are in the world they can access this valuable business tool and develop their skills to use Cognitive Interviewing and elicit the full facts from witnesses at first interview.

Around 4 hours to complete the programme and at a highly competitive price

Sign up as an individual or as a law firm (see below)

PLUS an option for in-house practical skills workshops

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“ I run a specialist consultancy conducting workplace investigations such as conduct, whistle-blowing and discrimination.

I have been conducting investigations for over 20 years working as a Consultant and directly for a number of organisations including the NHS and an international law firm. I regard myself as highly experienced investigator but am always open to opportunities to update and broaden my skills.

Having completed the on-line course , I can highly recommend it to others.

The modular course is well designed and enables you to work through the modules at your own pace and fit it around your working schedule.

The content is thought provoking and I am confident that all participants would find something of benefit.

The content has a good mix of theory and practice with academic content and instructional videos.

I can highly recommend it for all levels of practitioner from those who are starting out in the field of interviewing and investigations as well as seasoned practitioners.”

Nigel Youngman

What It Is and What It Isn’t!

The Cognitive Interview Blended Learning Programme is exactly that – a quality interactive multi-media learning programme – not an information package.
Watch this short video now (2 mins 54 secs)

The Support

See the support that every individual will receive when they undertake the Cognitive Interview Blended Learning Programme.

Watch this short video now (2 mins 33 secs)

Your online learner journey consists of:

1. Building your knowledge

  • of the Cognitive Interview (CI) approach, what it is, how and why it works
  • using the practical handbook: Unlocking Memories – Cognitive Interviewing for Lawyers by Geoff Coughlin
  • confirming your knowledge with short check-tests
  • downloading and using the Top-Tips PDF Factsheets
  • interacting with Geoff Coughlin for any support and advice on using CI


2. Building your knowledge and skills

  • watching and learning from 5 videos:
    • Part 1: Introduction from Geoff Coughlin and Dave Barney the Emphasis on Skills
    • Part 2: The challenges of eliciting accurate factual recall from witnesses and clients
    • Part 3: The Key Principles of the Cognitive Interview approach
    • Part 4: Observation of a Cognitive Interview
    • Part 5: Detecting lies and deceit
  • interacting with and getting direct support from Geoff Coughlin by using the contact facility here, one-to-one e-mail or telephone contact
  • using the practical handbook regularly

3. Increasing your effectiveness

  • applying the CI approach to your work
  • reviewing what you do regularly
  • making changes and adapting your approach
  • asking questions and getting answers to apply CI in your practice
  • refining your practice and developing your expertise in using the CI approach


4. Certificate of learning

  • on completion of your programme
  • automatically generated at the end of your on-line experience



Before you get started, Key information and FAQs

NOW see below and choose EITHER of the available options; pay securely online and then you can begin your online course today!



You can see the quality of the video production included in this blended learning programme
by now watching Video 2: The Challenges

…and remember, there are 5 videos plus plenty of interactive content and the course handbook that make up the full package.



Buying as an individual

Choosing the individual pathway gives you:

  • 12 months access to all 5 videos and other on-line resources such as the downloadable Top-Tips PDF files, support direct from Geoff Coughlin through the website contact form, e-mail or telephone
  • a copy of the practical handbook: Unlocking Memories – Cognitive Interviewing for Lawyers (RRP £75.00)
  • 1-to-1 chats and tutorials included in your fee

Cost of your programme is £175.00 plus VAT



Buying a 12-month access licence for your firm

Choosing to buy a 12-month access licence for your firm gives you global reach to support your lawyers. 12 months access to the Cognitive Interview blended learning programme gives you:

  • access to all 5 videos that are the cornerstone of this programme
  • Top-Tip PDF downloads for Cognitive Interviewing, how to use it and other complimentary areas like detecting lies and deceit, building effective rapport and many of the essential complimentary communication skills needed to interview witnesses effectively
  • no limit on numbers of lawyers able to access the programme wherever in the world they are located
  • no limits to downloads of materials and resources
  • 1-to-1 chats and tutorials included in your fee
  • 3 copies of the course handbook: Unlocking Memories – Cognitive Interviewing for Lawyers

Cost of your 12-month access licence is £1250.00 plus VAT


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