Cognitive Interviewing Blended Learning Programme

Some key information before you get started

Your course handbook: Unlocking Memories – Cognitive Interviewing for Lawyers

Individual: if you are an Individual Learner: Your course handbook will be ordered immediately after you pay for your course and so you should receive it shortly after that, direct from the publishers

Law Firm: if you are purchasing a 12-month access licence for your firm: You will receive 3 copies of the course handbook. These will be ordered by us immediately after you pay your licence fee and you’ll receive your handbooks direct from the publishers shortly after that.

When you receive your course handbook(s)…
Individual – if you are an Individual Learner: As soon as you get it, start reading! We strongly recommend reading it through once – start to finish, to get a real flavour for what Cognitive Interviewing (CI) is all about. You should find the style very readable and engaging – after all, it is a practical skills handbook designed to help you rapidly gain, develop and deploy the CI memory-enhancing techniques as soon as possible

Law firm – if you are purchasing a 12-month access licence for your firm: You’ll need to decide who will be undertaking this blended learning programme of course and individual copies of the course handbook should be allocated as soon as possible. Each individual undertaking their course will need constant access to their copy of the book

To gain maximum benefit and efficiency…
You need to receive your CI handbook(s) before commencing the programme – there are many activities that require individuals to work with specific content in the text.

What you need to get going…
Why not have a pad or device at hand so that you can make notes, comments and highlight key learning points for future use – you will be prompted with focused questions to help direct your learning

The answers…
Simply click the ‘reveal answer’ link to access an answer or be directed to specific page references in your course handbook where all the relevant information is located. All course handbook page references are highlighted and styled (eg. Pages 10-11) to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for in the area you are working at any stage

Some FAQs

How long will it take to complete my CI blended-learning programme?
 There’s around 6 hours contact time – around 2 hours of HD video to watch, plus 3-4 hours of other interactive content. You can spend longer and some people do, especially if you watch and re-watch the videos (recommended) and extra reading time for your course handbook.

Do I have to take the Lessons in order?
No, you can work through the Lessons in any order you like although of course we have given thought to the most useful order from a learning-effectiveness viewpoint and that’s the running order we offer you in the programme.

How will I know that I have completed a lesson?
Your programme is self-directed and that means you decide. The fact is each lesson comprises a series of questions, text and referral back to your course handbook for the ‘answers’. When you have worked through the content for each lesson you simply click the button ‘MARK COMPLETE’ at the end of each lesson to say that you have completed that lesson and move on to the next.

How will I know what progress I have made?
Simply keep an eye on the visual indicator guides – ticks for each completed lesson and the progress bar on the right hand side of each page.